Robert Ince is one of very few jewelers in Reno who has completed an old world traditional
jewelry apprenticeship that he now combines with new state of the art practices.


Robert’s unwavering craftsmanship and design sense made him a jeweler to the stars.  He has designed rings, belt buckles and other custom pieces for Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Dean, to name a few. One piece for Liberace being a sparkly grand piano ring that played music. Another, a boxing glove ring for Sammy Davis, Jr. during his Broadway performance in the musical Golden Boy. One of Robert’s favorite stars to design for was comedian Red Skelton. "It was hard to get past the jokes in order to work on what I was making for him. He was kind, funny and considerate.” Despite the long list of entertainers that Robert has been fortunate to work with, he is the same way with famous people as he is with everyone.



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