The story of Ince Jewelers started in 1921 with my father when he became a jewelry apprentice. He worked for 20 years fine-tuning his trade before moving our family to Reno in 1941. At that time, downtown Reno was the fashion hub of the city and he went to work for Ginsburg Jewelers on Virginia Street manufacturing beautiful jewelry designs.

Learning the business from the bottom up, I became an apprentice to my father as a young boy working after school, on weekends and summer vacations until I went to work for Ginsburg Jewelers full time in 1965. In the 50's and 60's, jewelry and custom pieces were made with old world processes such as sand and cuttle bone casting. I was lucky enough to learn the art of old world processes from one of the best, becoming one of the only jewelers in the area trained to work on platinum jewelry. During those years, I worked with my father to create pieces for many of the entertainers who made Reno a regular stop such as Frank Sinatra, Liberace and Sammy Davis Jr. As the 70's approached, we began to use our artistic talents to carve wax molds which was a faster process and one we still use today. When Mr. Ginsburg and my father retired, I opened my own store "Ince Jewelry" specializing in custom work and high-end repairs.

Using my experience and artistic talent, I have expanded and refined the business to provide our customers with jewelry renderings, wax molds to give them an exact idea of their beautiful custom jewelry piece. Being in the jewelry business for 50 years, gives me the experience and credibility to allow our client's imagination to come to life and the confidence that they can trust us with their most prized possessions. In my passion for creating exquisite jewelry, we are unconditionally committed to excellence in every aspect of our business.

-Robert Ince


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